Learning for the sake of learning.

School sites and their classrooms and facilities usually lie dormant after daytime classes. There has often been community discussion about using these resourced learning spaces for some useful and creative function after hours.

Salesian College Rupertswood runs a series of evening short courses to enliven its community engagement commitment and to open out new and real ways for its parents, alumni and all adult learners in the surrounding community to taste a new learning experience.

It has long been an ambition of Principal Mark Brockhus to realize this Twilight School idea. “We need to engage our parents in a new and interesting way,” Mark Brockhus says. “We need to get them involved in the school in a way that enriches their own lifelong learning. And to share their love of learning with their teenage children.”

Salesian College Rupertswood is blessed with beautiful surrounds and the imposing grandeur of the Rupertswood Mansion that draws in the visitor on arrival. It was the breathtaking beauty of the mansion that seemed to invite this possibility of a Twilight School.

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The Twilight School’s convener works Tuesdays and Wednesdays to create a menu of short courses (Languages, Creative Writing, Hospitality) that will be enticing to parents and adults as well as the surrounding community and senior students. The courses will charge a nominal fee with a special rate for the unwaged. “It’s really about encouraging folk into having a go at something they’ve always longed to try but life got busy,” says convener Bruno Lettieri, who has worked in Adult Education at the former Sunbury campus of VU.

Another important aspect of this project are the Forums and Public Discussions.

Imagine a night with a great writer, thinker, philosopher, artist or scientist: a thoughtful conversation conducted in front of an attentive audience keen to have ideas expressed and unveiled.


Sunbury/Macedon Ranges Leader, August 14, 2012.

Enquiries: Bruno Lettieri
Email: Blettieri@scr.vic.edu.au
Phone: 9744 0085 (Tuesday and Wednesday, extension 273)