Italian tutor and Salesian College Sunbury English teacher Marisa Spiller gives us her own outpouring of love for Bruno and the Twilight School.

Twixt Light and Dark

November 25th, 2016

The first time I saw Bruno Lettieri was outside the Savio courtyard, talking to Mark Brockhus like they’d known each other for ages. As it turned out, they had. It was late-ish afternoon and I remember the sun was low in the sky and everything had that lovely, golden, gentle, end-of-day feel. I was heading for the car park.

No, not quite, as it turned out.

Introductions. This is Bruno.

And there it was. The shift in the world. The awakening. The curiosity.

A man who openly and unabashedly spoke about the wonder of poetry, the power of words, the beauty in the world. Words as solace, refuge, discovery, challenge.

I have loved words forever and, of course, I was interested in what he had to say.

The name Twilight School always appealed to me. It suggested that time and light in-between – twixt light and dark, wake and sleep, that quiet moment when senses are heightened and open to anything. Through Bruno, people were drawn to the Twilight to try things they had only ever thought about doing. They wrote, they cooked, they learned languages, they took themselves out of their suburban lives and visited possibility for a while. They took their road less travelled.

And then there were all the special speakers. Where did he find them all? How did he draw them in and draw their stories out? It was a gathering of ideas and views and fears and childhoods all teased out by Bruno’s key-turning gentle questioning. Michael Leunig, Alice Pung, Helen Garner, Martin Flanagan, Hannie Rayson, Ailsa Piper and all the others … names you would normally associate with the Wheeler Centre. But they were here and they were ours for a while in Sunbury, at Salesian, at the Twilight School.


Image credit: Julia Kyle

Thank you, Bruno.

You did all this, as it turned out.

And now you’re going to take your magic somewhere else.

If you pass by this way again, give us a wave.

With love and appreciation,

Marisa Spiller

Marisa Spiller, English teacher at Salesian College Sunbury, is a Twilight School tutor and supporter.