Twilight School contributor and writing course attendee Kaye Mattiske gives us a glorious handwritten love letter to words and writing.

Editor’s note: As much as we still delight in the beauty of the handwritten word here at Twilight School, the internet medium isn’t the easiest way to display it. Please note that this is a large, image-heavy post best viewed on a large monitor or tablet, is inaccessible for screen readers, and may not load or be viewable on mobile phones and small tablets.

Those who struggle to read handwritten type in a browser, or access the Twilight School website on a small-screen device, may find it easier to read Kaye’s beautiful letter as a full-size digital PDF or a A4 print-ready PDF (already optimised for printing on standard A4 paper) where the file can be reduced or enlarged as required. Both files will open in a new window in your browser and can be saved for printing or uploading to an ereader or tablet.

We very much hope you’ll enjoy Kaye’s words as much as we do.

Words Like Drifting Fog



Kaye Mattiske

Kaye Mattiske is a regular Twilight School, breakfast and writing course attendee. We’re thrilled to be able to post her words here on