Poet and Twilight School regular Barbara Deen wrote this ode to the healing in nature for Robert Tremblay, an American author and her correspondent, who is slowly recovering from a serious life-threatening illness.

For Robert Tremblay, whose book and words of hope have continued to inspire me.

The Wilderness


Image credit: tpsdave

Where do I get my inspiration?
Where does the healing come from?
It is there, alone in the stillness
In the face of the first morning sun.
Away from the hustle and bustle
Far from the maddening crowd
In the silence of the stark, beautiful wilderness
It is where I can hear life, most loud.

All the creatures who live there, don’t bother
They’re caught up in the natural flow
They allow me, to sit and just wonder
For it’s here … my mind truly grows.
There is no other potion or medicine
More powerful, than nature alone
She soothes and she gently embraces
Till I have the strength and the need to go home.

Out there, it is truly God’s country
It has a peace, I almost can taste
I say “thank you” for the blessings of nature
I won’t let one minute go to waste.
So I sit in the stillness and I’m watching
I observe the whole day passing by
Everything, like one big magnificent orchestra
It is then my soul starts to cry.
Thank you for your beautiful magnificence
The simplicity, clean air and the sun
I bathe in your wondrous elixir
Till I know that the healing is done.

Barbara Deen

Barbara Deen is a Twilight School regular and poet who kindly lets us share her beautiful and inspiring words with the rest of the Twilight School community.