Writer and poet Brian Doyle takes us back to a child’s pure delight in nature’s beauty and movement.



Image credit: alegria2014

I was out this morning for my daily amble and ramble
And shuffle and scuffle and in a small sort of meadow
On my campus I saw a girl, maybe age five, skittering
After a butterfly with the most amazing matching deft
Grace and swerve and similitude; the game was, I saw,
Following the butterfly’s lead. The kid was astounding;
It was thrilling and exhausting at once to watch her go.
Finally she surrendered and plopped down in the grass.
By happy chance she and her dad walked by me a little
Later and I said to the kid, That was amazing, but can I
Ask you something? Think you could have caught him?
O no!, she said. No no. I didn’t want to catch him. I just
Wanted to be him for as long as I could. It was glorifous!
She really said glorifous! I have been younger ever since.

Brian Doyle

Poet and writer Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine, has contributed to Platform and Eureka Street, and is the author of many fiction and non-fiction works, including Thirsty for the Joy.