Come relive our vital August 17 ‘Three Personal Perspectives on Mental Health’ forum, featuring author with bipolar disorder Barry Garner, author and psychologist Dianne Lee, and psych nurse Donna Melia, all in conversation with our Bruno Lettieri. Bring tissues and prepare to be wowed by our speakers’ honesty, generosity and creativity.

Text editions of Barry’s pieces: The Ride and Hello, You Beautiful Creature.

Text edition of Dianne’s piece: Love and Fear.

You may also wish to check out photographer Amanda Piper’s event gallery and audience member Kim Cook’s write-up of the night, Break the Silence, in addition to Barry’s impression of the night: Help From My Friends.

We gratefully thank all those involved in the creation of this video:

Cinematographers: Craig Fox and Scott Lewis
Film Editors: Craig Fox and Scott Lewis
Lighting and Sound: Gerard Walker