Recently, Bruno Lettieri promoted our vital conversation video featuring Francis Sullivan, the CEO of the Truth Justice Healing Council. (If you’re yet to see it, please do so: both Bruno and Francis Sullivan speak with powerful honesty about Rupertswood’s past and future.) Merima Jackson, Twilight School attendee, poet and member of Bruno’s writing class, gave us this elegant, eloquent response to that video and the Loud Fence embraced by the Salesian College Sunbury, and we’re delighted to post it here.


Photo credit: Amanda Piper

Ribbons on a Chain Wire Fence

School, past the gatehouse
Dam, flags… knowledge…faith…education.
Would you believe me?
Broken trust, hurt dimming the light in me.

Here, Britain, Ireland,
The church shudders. Adults airing the truth.
An institution of faith scalded.

Ribbons flutter on the fence,
Mine among them.
The anger had consumed itself.
I was believed.
The dark cavernous boil burst wide open
Thousands of coloured stars
Truth touched my consciousness:
God was God and men were men.

Holding grievances fed my darkness.
How did I want to be?
Our community the foundation of the church,
Upholding the torch of justice.
The sanctity of the law the key to change.

Merima Jackson

Merima Jackson is a writer, poet, creative, student and proud member of the Twilight School community. We look forward to featuring more of her writing here on