Our Twilight School is an affectionate name for a community space – right here in the middle of our Salesian community – where conversations, forums and short courses all happen. Sometimes that space is a grand room in the mansion, and sometimes it is a site around the dam, a kitchen or The Patch garden centre. It is porous and permeable. Over the past four years we’ve hosted Rev Tim Costello, Helen Garner, Fr. Bob Maguire, Michael Leunig, Alice Pung and many more. Our short courses have covered everything from Cooking Vietnamese to Build Your Own Garden to Writing and Language classes.

 Photo credit: Amanda Piper

So what does term 3 hold? Two new short courses: Raising and Caring for Small Flocks and Creative Writing as an Introduction. A feature event will be our second Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday September 2 at 7:30 AM. Dads, granddads, uncles and mentors, with their young folk, will be able to listen to three short but thoughtful speeches about fathers and fathering while enjoying a  pancake breakfast. The writer John Harms will be one of our three guests.

Our community forums this term will feature John Clarke, satirist, writer, actor, humourist and regular guest on The 7:30 Report every Thursday. Pencil in Tuesday July 19 at 6 PM, in the mansion, for that one.  We will also be holding a Mental Health forum as well on Wednesday August 17. And much more! For more information, keep an eye on our new website at twilightschool.org.

For more information:

Enquiries: Bruno Lettieri
Email: Blettieri@scr.vic.edu.au
Phone: 9744 0085 (Tuesday and Wednesday)